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Bionic Super Stopper
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Bionic Super Stopper
Bionic Super Stopper Bionic Super Stopper

The Bionic Super Stoppers are standard sized toe stops, but grippier than others. They are very durable and non-marking. This is a very popular set of toe stops!

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Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Skaters looking for regular sized toe stops
  • Skaters looking for durable and very grippy toe stops


Not recommended for:

  • Skaters with a preference for a large footprint toe stop

! Sold per set of 2

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What is to know about the Bionic Super Stoppers:

The Bionic Super Stoppers use a harder rubber than its competitors, which results in extra grippy toe stops. Even though is has no neutral color, the material is non-marking!

These toe stops have a standard sized surface (45mm) and don't need any break in time. They are ready straight out of the box. 

Quick footed jammers and blockers who want that steady push off the ground will be very fond about these Bionic Super Stoppers, because of their mix between grip, stability and agility.

Bionic Super Stoppers perform well on every type of floor and can withstand outdoor use on rougher surfaces (like asphalt).

This is a very popular toe stop used by every level of skater!