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Gumball Toe Stops
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Gumball Toe Stops
Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops

Gumball Toe Stops are the most popular toe stops in roller derby. They are light, non-marking and durable. The Gumballs have a good amount of grip and are great for all types of skating surfaces. These are everything you need for quick stops and fast starts.

This updated version of the Gumball toe stops has better durability, a pre-molded flat spot for more useable surface area and fancy new multi-colored stems.

They are available in two stem lengths, standard and short. 


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Toe Stop Length

Standard Short

Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Skaters looking for regular sized toe stops

Not recommended for:

  • Extensive outdoor use - there are better toe stops for that
  • Skaters with a preference for a large footprint toe stop

Surprise! Colored stems are packaged and mixed randomly • Blue, Green, Magenta, Red

Standard • 30 mm

Mini/Short • 17 mm

The standard version is the most popular - as this length of toe stops allows you to easily run on them and use them in fancy footwork. You might also consider the standard version when you're skating on nylon plates using a nut to tighten your toe stops. 

The short version is convenient if you are a beginner (and drag your toe stops, or hook your toe stops while doing cross overs etc), if you like having your toe stops further away from the floor (or having the rubber all the way up to your plate) or if you skate on low-profile plates. 

Be aware that your toe stop must be screwed in by at least 5 threads (+- 1 finger width) or it will strip the plate threads.


! Sold per set of 2
*** Standard stock item *** 

This is what you can expect from the Gumball Toe Stops:

This second generation of Gumball Toe Stops is an upgrade. The stopper material lasts longer, the toe stop surface is slightly bigger now and has been flattened for you. We have had NO returns on these of stems popping out (which is an issue that could happen with other toe stops before). The way the stems are moulded into the rubber is - together with the Superball - super strong.

The surface size is standard, which gives the perfect balance between stability, quick footwork and a good push off for starts, jukes and direction changes. The longer lasting rubber has a great combo of grip and slide. The Gumballs work on every type of floor (indoor and outdoor) and have become the general standard for all toe stops around.

The colorful stems are a fun extra.

The Gumball toe stops are a safe choice, you can't go wrong with these quality toe stops.