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Reckless Morph
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Reckless Morph
84/88A 84/88A 84/88A 88/91A 88/91A 88/93A 88/93A 88/93A 91/95A 91/95A 91/95A 93/97A 93/97A 93/97A Reckless Morph

The Morph is a revolutionary wheel, wrapping 2 different hardnesses around one stiff core - a harder composition, with a soft one at the outer edge of the wheel. Having the two urethane blends on each wheel, will give you speed, but also traction on the edges when you're digging into the floor for stops, edgework (cutting, plowing, juking...). Maximum control, speed, precision and grip. The “stacked” technology gives you the best of both worlds without the hassle of constantly changing wheels.

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Wheel hardness

84A/88A 88A/91A 88A/93A 91A/95A 93A/97A

Recommended for:

  • Advanced, intermediate and beginner skaters
  • A variety of indoor surfaces
  • Skaters who don't want the hassle of changing their wheels all the time 
  • Skaters looking to get rid of a pusher wheel combination

Not recommended for:

  • Outdoor skating
  • Skaters who hate flashy colors 😂


  • Wheel height: 59 mm
  • Wheel widt: 38 mm
  • Wheel hardness: 84a/88a Pink/Orange, 88a/91a Orange/Neon Yellow, 88a/93a Orange/Blue, 91a/95a Neon Yellow/Yellow and 93a/97a Blue/Green

! Set of 4 wheels - to order a full set of wheels, be sure to set your quantity to two.
! Bearings are not included
*** Standard stock item ***  

What is all this fuss about the Reckless Morph wheels?

Well, they are pretty extraordinary because they use 2 different hardnesses of urethane on one wheel. While a firmer blend covers the most part of the wheel, the outer edge of the tire is softer to give you more grip when you need it. This innovative approach provides a fast roll and better edge control. You will feel the digg into the ground when performing stops and using your edges. The wheel has a one piece stiff core with the double stacked urethane tires running around it. This rigid core lets the tire perform to its true purpose: make you skate fast when you need it, and make you control your speed, stops and lateral moves when you need it even more.

Each wheel has a split hardness, with the softer compound on the outside of the wheel. All options come in a bold and flashy color combination, so you can tell where the grip side is. No dullness here!