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S-One Lifer Helmet
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S-One Lifer Helmet
Yellow Matte Black Gloss White w/ Black Stripes Black Matte Navy Matte Purple Matte Maroon Matte Metallic Gold Dark Green Matte Black Matte w/ Red Straps Black Matte w/ Green Straps Bright Red Gloss Orange Matte Grey Matte Dark Grey Matte Bright Green Matte Cyan Matte Scarlet Red Gloss Hot Pink Matte Kelly Green Matte Red Matte White Gloss

The S-ONE Lifer Helmet is designed to fit low on the head like a traditional helmet, but it has a break through design combining the added safety and protection of a CPSC certified helmet with the comfort and feel of a soft foam helmet. The Lifer has an old school look with the traditional circular air vents and a high-impact EPS foam inner mold for maximum protection. The liners can easily be removed or replaced.

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Helmet Color

Black Matte Black Gloss Black Matte w/ Bright Green Straps White Gloss White w/ Black Stripes Purple Matte Orange Matte Metallic Gold Kelly Green Matte Grey Matte Dark Grey Matte Dark Green Matte Cyan Matte Bright Red Gloss Bright Green Matte Yellow Matte Navy Blue Matte Hot Pink Matte Red Matte Maroon Matte

Recommended for

> Roller Derby
> Biking
> High level concussion protection


Not recommended for

> Children or people with a small head - please check out the S-One MINI Lifer Helmet
> People with a big head - please check out the S-One MEGA Lifer Helmet


S-One Lifer Helmet size
Helmet Size Head circumference
XS 53 cm
S 53,3 cm
M 54,6 cm
L 55,9 cm
XL 57,2 cm
XXL 58,4 cm
XXXL 59,7 cm


What's up with the S-One Lifer helmet?

The S-One Lifer Helmet is our top favourite. It is dual certified, which means you can wear it to be protected for one single large impact and multiple smaller impacts. That is exactly what you need for derby, as both types of impact occur regulargly, also to you. Safety is key, and you definitly want to protect your head to the best of your ability. S-One test their helmets to other brands' options all the time and without a doubt, the S-One Lifer Helmet comes out on top.

On a practical level, the liners can easily be taken out and replaced. After all the sweating, you can just replace the liners and the helmet will feel as comfortable and nice as a new helmet. Check out the options below.

The S-One Lifer will feel a bit tight upon purchase, but the liner has to settle a bit while you wear it. This model sits deep on your head and is somewhat oval shaped. 



  • Dual Certified
  • High impact / Multi-impact EPS Fusion Foam
  • Deep fit design - fits nice and low on your head
  • High impact ABS outer shell
  • Lightweight construction
  • Soft foam sizing liners - for a perfect fitting helmet