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Toe Caps
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Toe Caps
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The Toe Caps cover the nose of your skates to protect them from scuffing, bumping, sliding and what not. You can fall on asphalt while your skates won't be damaged as the toe cap covers the entire nose of your skates. The material is a one-piece construction finished with actual eyelets so your laces won't snap when you pull them tight.

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Black Royal Blue Pink Orange Red White Purple Green Yellow

Recommended for:

  • Protecting your roller skates from scuffing
  • Skate boots that lace all the way to the toe (such as the Riedell 126, 265, 495...)

​​​​​​​Not recommended for:

  • SG Rebel and Riedell R3 skates size 9 and up

Different colors available • Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, White, Black, Orange, Green and VEGAN black

100%  leather, except the VEGAN black

Sold per set of 2


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What are these for?

When skating, you can't avoid falling, bumping, scratching, sliding... Especially if you are new to roller skating or roller derby. Protect your skates by putting a toe cap on the nose of your skates.

These Toe Caps have a large hole for your toe stop and two smaller holes at the other end to run your laces through. So they lace through the lower eyelets of your skates, and fold over your toes, attaching through the toe stop bolt in front.

While the toe guards are a strap, these toe caps cover the entire toe area and are great for roller derby - especially falling drills. The toe caps, as opposed to the toe guards, also have actual eyelets that won't damage laces, even when pulled very tight.

! If your toe stop is secured with a nut, do NOT place the guard between the nut and the plate. This will cause the nut to become displaced much easier, resulting in loose and lost stops.