5 things you need to take care of to enjoy our Black FriYAY Sale

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5 things you need to take care of to enjoy our Black FriYAY Sale

Get your ducks in a row and get the most out of our Black FriYAY Sale! It's a party!

Are you ready for the Sucker Punch Skate Shop Black FriYAY sale?


Get ready for this year's Black FriYAY sale weekend. Get 15% to 20% and even more on selected item throughout our website and in store. Only 28-29-30 november ànd 1-2 december 2019. 

Here's a list of things you should check before this FriYAY:


1. Visit suckerpunchskateshop.com

And check out what skates, wheels and other cool stuff you want in advance. Create a wishlist
or put it in your shopping cart - they'll stay there all weekend until you check out. (Thanks cookiesss)
Plan ahead!





2. Check your payment card

You have been there... You're at the last step of the check out where you pay and you can't find your card. Or your card is not working. Aaaargh. 
We offer different payment methods, including bank wire and PayPal, so you should be okay.
Still, have your card or at hand. It will save you a lot of stress. 



3. Consider the shipping method

Will you be home to accept your package? Do you want to pick it up whenever it suits you? Do you want to enjoy our free shipping?
Think about this before you finalize your order. We offer UPS Delivery at home, UPS Pick Up Point Delivery (both include track & trace) and regular post for small items. Orders over € 299,- will be shipped for free to a UPS picking point.



4. Are you ready for Christmas?

Shhhh, here's a secret: Black FriYAY = Holiday gifts. 
This is the perfect moment to get your loved ones presents at a discounted price. Save while you give! Or get yourself a gift. Self love is important and you know how skates can feel like puppies on your feet. 




5. Be fast

You like doing everything last minute? So does everybody else. But be aware we might run out of
stock on items during the Black FriYAY sale and then you'd have to wait for it to get back in. Or it
might be out of stock foréver. We have a big shop with a lot of stuff, but it is not infinite. 
Our team is ready, we are fully stocked, our server is prepped, our shop is well arranged...
Are you ready? 


Oh and here's another one to enjoy the Black FriYAY - it's a party after all.


* Find the fine print for Black FriYAY shopping here


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