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Reckless Evader XE

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The Reckless Evader is the only 59mm by 38mm wheel that has a lip! It gives you stability, grip and a snap at the end of your stride. The lip makes it much easier to re-enter the pack when you're knocked out.
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Reckless Evader XE

Reckless XE Evader and XE Ikon wheels

These two sisters are your solution when looking for a remarkably light wheel, with all the benefits of a slim wheel (agility, fast lateral movements, quick starts and stops) ànd the stability and snap of a wheel with a lip.
The lip is the part of the wheel where the core stops, but the uretane tire runs further. Instead of a straight cut wheel, of which the wheel edges run along the core, these wheels have a little urethane sticking out further than the core. This flexible lip adds stability, grip, and a "snap" at the end of your stride or juke. Welcom extra control in the turns and extra spring in your lateral jukes. Traditionally, the lip only comes on wider wheels. Reckless redesigned their hub to be narrower to allow the urethane to extend and in this way keeping the wheel at a narrow 38mm width.

The Reckless XE's have 2 options:

  • Reckless XE Evader (this one): A slim and small wheels, giving you a lot of precision on the track, aiding your footwork through its weight (super light) and a little lip for that extra push and snap.
  • Reckless XE Ikon: A super light slim wheel with a 62mm height to keep you rolling fast. Maintain and improve the agility and lateral movements you want and need on the track. The little lip gives you that extra push and snap.
This Reckless Evader goes perfect with Envy 59's as pusher wheels.

Recommended for:

  • Skaters looking super light wheels
  • Skaters loving 59mm, but missing the lip on the wheel
  • Durability

Not recommended for:

  • Use on very slippery floors - you might want to take a look at Atom DNA's or Hybrid wheels
  • Skaters who want a straight cut wheel
  • Outdoor skating

Wheel height: 59 mm
Wheel width: 38 mm
Wheel hardness: 95A
Wheel Hub: Nylon
Colors: Teal
Wheels use: Indoor, roller derby
Sold per: Pack of 4 wheels (to order a full set of wheels for both your skates, be sure to set your quantity to 2)
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