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These Atom Juke Alloy wheels have the same features as the Atom Juke wheels, but with an alloy core for even more precision and speed.
Atom Juke Alloy

This is the latest edition of the immer popular Atom Juke Alloy wheel. The improved high quality urethane makes for a better combination of grip and roll, resulting in a nice balance for your plow and hockey stop, but also in more control and speed. The lightweight hollow core keeps you quick and agile.

The lightweight alloy core of the Atom Juke Alloy is even stiffer and it will give you precision. This will translate in fine manoevering, juking and controlling your speed (stopping and starting). The urethane of the Juke has been reviewed and upgraded, making it last longer and perform better.

Diamètre: 59 mm
Largeur: 38 mm
Dureté: 88A, 91A, 93A, 95A
Wheel Hub: Alloy
Usage: Roller Derby intérieur
Couleurs: Bleu, Orange, Rose, Menthe
Vendu par: Set de 4 roues (Si vous cherchez suffisantes de roues pour vos deux patins, mettez la quanité à 2)