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Miyagi - 24 / Nov / 2018

Striking Moon

Meet Soemeh, the woman behind Striking Moon. She is park skater and former Roller Derby player. 3 years ago she started her own decoration brand, Striking Moon, featuring unique handmade homedecor pieces, for the lovers of the dark side of nature.

Striking Moon
Small businesses

Today is Small Business Saturday! While we've been running Sucker Punch Skate Shop for 8 years now (OMG!!), we are still a small business. Pretty proud of that too. With a small business you know who you are supporting. And as Soemeh (read more about her below) said today: 'When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance'. After all these years, I still do.


But enough about us! I want to introduce you to a series of cool skaters who run a small business too. I'm sure you'll be surprised by some, inspired by many and hopefully you will be interested in supporting their business and make both your lives happier *insert happy dance*.

Here we go with our first episode of: Our small business friends.

My name is Soemeh Daansen and my derby name is/was Tsoemnami.
I used to skate with GO-GO Gent Roller Derby for four years, had my final game last season. Nowadays I hit the skateparks with Chicks in Bowls!
Almost three years ago I started my own decoration brand, Striking Moon, Unique handmade homedecor pieces, for the lovers of the dark side of nature.

Terrariums, glass globes and antique boxes with skulls, plants and crystals.
The products I make for Striking Moon represent the duality of nature: I want to share the fragile beauty of the effect that time has.
All my products are either extremely old or have been ethically sourced, such as roadkill, hunter dumps, things that have unfortunately been killed as pests or passed away naturally. I don't accept killing living things for the sake of art or decoration. Instead, I like to think of it as a second life, a beautiful resting place for those animals their remainings.

I love to decorate and create a vibe in my home, surround myself with pretty things, and the best maker I know is nature herself. I wanted to create things I love to see, so I started making these terrariums. I’m my own idea writer, maker, photographer, social media manager, PR person, everything like with most small business owners is done by the owner. It’s only been a few years but I met some pretty inspiring people along the way. People’s apreciation makes me want to create more, because I know what my items can do to a room, it’s more than just a decoration item, it’s an homage to life and death.
When you buy something from Striking Moon you’ll have an unique item, with a lot of history in it, thoughtfully put together by someone who put a lot of time in every detail of it. It always makes my day, even my week, when I get an order. Knowing that items I created are still decorating people’s homes is heartwarming to me and gives me more confidence to keep creating pieces!
https://www.etsy.com/shop/strikingmoon is where I sell my items online, besides participating at some markets and tattoo conventions.
https://www.instagram.com/strikingmoon/ is where I mostly promote my brand.

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  • Striking Moon
    24 / Nov / 2018

    Miyagi - 24 / Nov / 2018

    Striking Moon

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