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Black FriYAY

It's that time of the year! From thursday until monday, we hold our annual sales at Sucker Punch Skate Shop - online and in store.
Enjoy discounts from 15% up to 50% and more on selected items. As this is a busy time, you might be interested in the fine print below.


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  • We offer discounts on almost all items in our shop. There are some exceptions, like mounting (which is free if you purchase your boots+plates with us during BlackFriYAY) and some smaller items.
  • Our Black FriYAY runs from 10u30 on Thursday the 22nd of November until 23u59 on Monday the 23rd of November.
  • You don't need to fill out any code for Black FriYAY. All items are automatically discounted on our website and in store. 
  • Discounts in the store and online might be different.
  • Orders using double discounts will not be processed. We will contact you to arrange one of the discounts, or we might cancel your order altogether. 
  • Orders paid with gift vouchers will not be processed. We will contact you to arrange the payment, or we might cancel your order altogether. 
  • Free mounting only applies when boots AND plates are purchased at Sucker Punch Skate Shop during the Black FriYAY period. In any other situation, normal work prices apply. 
  • Shipping is free for orders over 299 euro with the UPS Pick Up Store option. 
  • Prices can change during the Black FriYAY period. Confirmed orders can not be changed to a newer price.
  • If you have a sponsored league discount, don't use it during our Black FriYAY period. The Black FriYAY discounts will exceed the sponsored league discount. If you do apply your team discount, the discount will be less than our Black FriYAY discounts. After finalizing your order, we can no longer change this discount.
  • We expect to be very busy. We might not be able to take your call or respond to your facebook message or email within the same day. We do our best! Note that your messages get bundled and the last message that came in carries the time stamp. This means if you re-send a message, you'll be thrown at the back of the cue. Patience is key, WE WILL get to you.
  • We will ship out orders ASAP. Yet, this is a busy period (for us and UPS), so a 1-2 day delay in dispatch or a delay in shipping is not abnormal. We can not speed this up.
  • While we are Europe's best stocked shop for Roller Derby, we might run out of stock during Black FriYAY. This will delay your order and we will try to notify you as soon as we can. Depending on the stock of our suppliers, this might cause a delay from a couple of days to weeks (for specific sizes or models of roller skates, for example).
  • All sale items are subject to availability. We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason. Examples are: item will not come back, item is no longer in production, item would take too long/too much cost to import. You will be contacted about this. 
  • We are masters at mounting, it is what we do professionally. Yet it still takes time to get your skates together. During Black FriYAY we will NOT mount during opening hours. We will mount as much as we humanly can, but skates might have a slight delay due to the manual labour that comes with it.
  • If you made a mistake in your order and you want us to change it (item, delivery address...) - contact us ASAP and put CHANGE in your message subject together with YOUR ORDER NUMBER.
  • Sucker Punch Skate Shop reserves the right to change or retract this offer at any time, without notification.