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Moto Premium Swiss Bearings

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Moto Bearings, from the company that brought Heartless wheels, Antik Skates, and Gumball toe stops.
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Moto Premium Swiss Bearings

GRN MSTR has developed the industry's first and only 'pre-spun' skate bearings, which means there is NO break in period. Moto bearings skate just as fast on the first day as they would on the twenty-first day. This automated 'pre-spinning' ensures the quality,balance, and integrity of the bearings.
Moto Bearings are lightly oiled and are packaged, sealed, and shipped in a reusable aluminum tube that will keep the bearings clean, lubricated, and damage proof from factory to store shelf.

Moto's aluminum tubes do not soak up the oil and lubrication.


Maat: 8mm
Set van: 16