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Mota Black Magic Savage

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Mota technology gathered in one complete setup. The Savage boot wraps around your foot like nothing else, and is mounted on the Mota Boss Pro plates. This combination gives you high level performance at an intermediate budget! 100% Vegan
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Mota Black Magic Savage

We bet you've been eyeballing the Mota Mojo boots for their lightweight, perfect shape and comfortability. Now all that same technology is available in an intermediate boot! It is also heat moldable for a perfect fit, but that might not even be necessary due to the form fitting shell of the boot.
The technology and attention to detail are unparalleled! The nearly unbreakable Nylon/Glass shell is amazingly lightweight at just (size 7) 276g and comes pre-marked with centerline offsets for perfect and easy mounting every time. But don't worry, we can mount these for you!

Mota developped the Boss Pro plate with a focus on strength and lightweight so that you can perform on the track without a worry. The Mota Boss Pro gives you quickness and power, both very important on the track in any position. 16° trucks allow for unparalleled maneuverability, agility, response and reaction. As well gives maximum power to generate top speeds. These significant features allow you to have control.

This package is available with Toxic or TKO wheels and Yolo Bearings. We also offer the option of getting this package without the wheels and bearings, so you can save some money if you already have your favourite wheel setup lying around.

Savage Boot Specifications

  • Smart Shell that follows your foot with flexibility and comfort
  • Anatomical foot shape (last), following Mota's Mojo Carbon and Hybrid models
  • Ergonomically shaped footbed incorporated into the design
  • Lightweight (Size 7 276 g.)
  • Superior fit
  • Superior durability
  • Rigid Soles
  • Microsoft upper that comfortably wraps your foot and has great durability
  • Mounting reference marks on bottom (exact locations for Mota Boss plates, center line off-set for easy side to side placement/s, marks in back for easy front to back placement/s)
  • Sizing consistent with Mojo Carbon/Hybrid models
  • 100% vegan!


  Boot Size   
  5 - 5.5   6 - 6.5    7 - 7.5    8 - 8.5 
  9 - 9.5 
  232 - 239    240 - 247     248 - 254     255 - 263  
  264 - 271  
  Mota Boss
  Plate Size
5.5 5.75 6 6.25


*** Mota Custom possibility ***
The Mota Savage boots can be customized to your liking! There are 2 types of customization: 
Fill in this Mota Customization form and email it to us. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.
-- Unsure about your size? Let us help you! Get in touch for a quick and easy consultation to get you the best fit. Avoid unnecessary shipping charges and let us help you get it right the first time you order. --
-- If you are able to come to our store or visit us at an event, we offer a full boot fitting service with extensive and honest advice. --

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