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Mota Mojo Hybrid Silver

The "Smart-Fit" last is comfortable out of the box but the heat moldable shell allows you to truly customize the fit. The fiberglass outsole is light weight and rigid to optimize performance. The Mojo also features a removable power strap and lace cover.
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Mota Mojo Hybrid Silver

Depending on stock and availability, you will get the Hybrid with the lace cover or the one without but with a new printed material.

Now inside all Mojo Boots

  1. NEW: Flexible and moldable arches to accomodate nearly any type of foot. Softer and more comfortable than before
  2. NEW: Open toe box to accomodate wider feet as well as narrow feet, to fit more snug. 
  3. NEW: Lighter weight
  4. NEW: Tighter heel lock
  5. NEW: Softer overall, wraps the foot better
The new features above allow for improved edges, increased feel for better overall performance. Also allows the upper to wrap your foot even better than before. 


Mojo advantages

  1. Heat Moldable for a Custom Fit:
  • MOJO Boots have been designed with moldable options (NOT REQUIRED).
  • Heat gun recommended but other options available and instructions upon request.
  • Molding can be repeated as many times as needed without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.
  1. Heel Cup: Designed with an extreme fit, because our heel cup is moldable we ensured the fit is tight for no slipping. Reduces blister as well as enhances performance.
  1. Anatomical Foot Bed: All MOJO boots come stock with integrated foot beds that provide side to side support, have a slight toe lift for more control, metatarsal support to help keep toes apart and relaxed, ball space to prevent blisters and calluses. Overall Mota Foot Beds prolong skating through comfort and performance.
  1. Toe Box: Anatomical toe box that gives your toes more space for control and comfort. The toe shape eliminates space in front of your toes, allowing for the correct size chassis (nearly resembling your chassis being mounted to the bottom of your foot.) The foot print of the boot is as close to that of your foot as you can get without going full custom.


  • Anatomical Fiberglass base (shell), integrated with moldable technology
  • Moldable for custom fit (optional)
  • Open toe box to accomodate wider feet as well as narrow feet to fit more snug
  • Standard Zip lace cover, but can be ordered in without the cover
  • Anatomical foot bed
  • Heel lifts to allow for 5mm or 7mm lift
  • Microfiber upper and inside lining:
    • Light weight
    • Longevity
    • No stretching
  • Velcro ankle strap, adjustable/removable/replaceable
  • Carbon & Fiberglass models
  • Color black & white (as shown)
  • Waxed Laces
  • Weight: 374g Size 8.5
  • Mounting hardware included



To size you perfectly for Mota boots, we measure you by its footbed. While this sizing chart is a guideline, there is no substitute to actual fitting, so find us at an event or in the store for precise fitting.
  US Size   
4 4.5  5
  EU Size  
35 35.5  36  36.5 
42 43 44 45 46 47
  UK Size  
2.5 3.5 4 4.5
5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11.5
215 224 228 232 236 240  244 248 252 256 260 264 267 272 276 280 288

-- Unsure about your size? Let us help you! Get in touch for a quick and easy consultation to get you the best fit. Avoid unnecessary shipping charges and let us help you get it right the first time you order. --

-- If you are able to come to our store or visit us at an event, we offer a full boot fitting service with extensive and honest advice. --

Boot Material: Microfiber upper and inside lining fiberglass base
Heat Moldable: Ja
Vegan: Ja
Breedte schoen: Medium
Maten: US 1 to 12, Full and Half sizes - Standard width - check our sizing information page for more info
Extras: Mota Smart-Fit includes a snug heel cup, anatomical foot shape, built-in anatomical foot bed, anatomical toe box that follows the shape of your foot and gives your toes more space for control and comfort
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