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Pilot Falcon

Interesting investment: All the plates in the Pilot F-16 series have interchangeable components and trucks. They also have the same mounting pattern, so you don't have to redrill holes to change the plate. This makes the upgrading to another plate or to different parts ridiculousluy easy.



  • Light weight aircraft aluminum
  • 16 degree double action trucks for greater reactivity
  • Click-action Micro-adjustable lock nut/washer
  • One-piece cast trucks
  • Alloy king pin
  • Delrin pivot cups
  • Premium urethane cushions
  • 8mm axles
  • Bionic toe stops


Upgrade to a Falcon Plus for only €20

  • 2piece trucks with adjustable pivot pin


The size of the plate is the wheel base in inches. If you're looking for a plate with a 6" axle to axle distance, go for the size 600 plate.

Plate material: Aluminium
Kingpin Angle: 16°
Axles: 8mm
Toe Stop included: Ja - Bionic Stopper
Mounting Kit included: Ja
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