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PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool

A metal bearing tool designed to make installing and removing bearings in nylon-hub or no-hub wheels a cinch. Because this tool works by slightly bending the hub of the wheel during installation and removal, it is not recommended for use with aluminum-hub
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PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool

Recommended for:

  • Use with nylon hub/core wheels
  • 8mm bearings
  • Quickly leveraging bearings out of your wheels and pushing them safely back in

Not recommended for:

  • Use with aluminum hub/core wheels
  • 7mm bearings

The PD Bearing Hand tool is perfect for use with nylon hub/core wheels. Instead of popping your bearings out with your trucks or tools like screwdrivers, you can use this Bearing Hand Tool to take the bearings out and push other ones in. It leverages the bearings out by slightly bending the hub, so we don't recommend to use this with aluminum hubs. If you do, your bearing might get stuck in the hub at a weird angle and it'll be really hard to get it out.