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Roll Line Professionals

The Roll*Line professional wheels were originally developped for Roller Hockey. As the agility, speed and quick changes of direction easily translate to roller derby, these wheels are definitely interesting for our sport.
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Roll Line Professionals

These Roll*Line wheels have a large hub and a smaller and very slim tire. Speed, grip and lightweight wheels - that's what the Roll*Line Professional wheels are about.

Recommended for:

  • Roller derby
  • Agility, precision and fine footwork
  • Skaters looking for a lightweight high performance wheel

Not recommended for:

  • Outdoor skating
  • Skaters looking for more stability
  • Beginner skaters on slippery floors - go for a hybrid wheel.


Wiel hoogte (diameter): 59 mm of 62 mm
Wiel breedte: 38 mm
Wiel hardheid: 88A
Wiel hub: Nylon
Wiel gebruik: Hybrid
Kleur: Zwart