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Steaks Crash Shorts (Hips+Coccyx+Thighs)

These Steaks Crash Shorts have it all! Protection on and around the hips, sides, thigh and tailbone. No more dead legs, no more fear to skate safe. You can just pull these subtle looking, highly protective pants on and skate your heart out.
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Steaks Crash Shorts (Hips+Coccyx+Thighs)

These shorts will protect your hips, thighs and tailbone with low profile impact material. It gives freedom of movement because it feels soft and flexible against warm skin, but gets stiff on impact. This version includes tail and hip bones/ hip side protection AND Thigh protection (no more dead legs!!).  Tailbone protection is almost invisible, but it is there- inside! You can remove the tailbone padding or add there an extra pad yourself. The shorts have already one 4,8mm tailbone padding included.
The fabric is elastic and thick nylon with tight compression fit to support muscles during performance. No irritating seams- crotch gusset and high cutted waist at back gives extra comfort. For padded shorts its better to choose size up if you’re clearly between sizes, because the pads on the hips do not stretch much. You should consult primarily the seat circumference when choosing size. Check your size from our sizeguide

Maintenance advice

Take care of your Steaks® products, rinse the fresh sweat away after every practice to prevent unwanted odours.
You can wash it in the washing machine (take out the pads), max 40 celsius. Do not use hot water. Do not use softeners because the they ruin the elasticity of Lycra fiber.