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Heartless wheels are amongst the most narrow roller derby wheels. Together with the hollow core, this results in a lightweight and precision wheel. It will give you remarkable agility and freedom to maneuvre quickly into every direction.
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Heartless 59

GrnMnstr developed the Heartless wheels to offer roller derby skaters a very slim option. Specifically for skaters who love their agility or want to improve their lateral moves and agility even more. The narrow profile lets you turn, carve, cut and juke with ease. Upgrade your game with quicker starts, tighter stops and controlled moves in between. The core of the wheel is hollow, which makes the Heartless wheels really light, only aiding your fancy footwork.
These wheels are available in different hardnesses so you can pick the one that fits your style, skating floor and preference best.
* Note that the super slim wheel also means you have less traction and less grip on the floor.
So we don't recommend these on a significant slick surface, even the softest hardness. Generally, you can even go down one level of hardness than you're used to. Especially if you are a lightweight skater.
Heartless wheels are 35mm wide, but have only 27mm actually touching the ground.
There is also a 62mm version of this wheel available. You can check the Heartless 62 here.

Recommended for:

  • Skaters looking for a super light set of wheels
  • Agility
  • Skaters looking for fast and responsive wheels

Not recommended for:

  • Beginning skaters or skaters who are still looking for stability from their wheels
  • Very light people, as you might not get enough traction with these narrow and light wheels
  • Very slippery surfaces - the Heartless wheels will not give you the ton of grip you'll need on those surfaces
  • Combining with other wheels, as most wheels are 38mm wide and Heartless wheels are 35mm

Wheel height: 59 mm or 62 mm
Wheel width: 38 mm
Wheel hardness: 88A
Wheel Hub: Nylon
Wheels use: Hybrid
Colors: Black
Sold per: Pack of 4 wheels (to order a full set of wheels for both your skates, be sure to set your quantity to 2)