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Last shipping dates before Christmas

The Holidays are approaching and we have plenty of options to make for the perfect holiday gift for your loved one(s). With that in mind, we have listed the last shipping dates for UPS to guarantee your delivery before Christmas eve. You can add a couple of days if you are looking for a New Year's gift.

! Mind these dates are when we need to ship, so your order needs to be in before 14h ànd all items need to be in stock. 

If you have any questions or you don't find your country in this list, don't hesitate to get in touch. Please mention your order number, the items you want to verify or the missing country.


Country Last shipping date before Christmas
Austria 18th of December
Belgium 19th of December
Bulgaria 15th of December 
Croatia 15th of December
Czech Republic 18th of December
Denmark 18th of December
Estonia 16th of December
Finland 17th of December
France 18th of December
Germany 18th of December
Greece 16th of December
The Netherlands 19th of December
Hungary 18th of December
Republic of Ireland 17th of December
Italy 17th of December
Latvia 17th of December
Norway 17th of December
Poland 18th of December
Portugal 17th of December
Spain 17th of December
Sweden 18th of December
Switzerland 18th of December
United Kingdom 18th of December


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Note we are closed between Christmas and New Year. Last day for us to make you a Gift Voucher is Saturday 21st of December before 12h.

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