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Split butterfly cushions for the Arius Platinum plates are an easy change to your plate's performance. Advance your skating by changing your cushions - or just swap worn out cushions with new ones and revamp your plates as if they were new!
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Arius Split Butterfly Cushions

Replacement cushions for Arius Platinum Plates and Arius Red models that have been upgraded with Winged Trucks (these Split Butterfly Cushions will not work on the old Arius truck design that uses one-piece Butterfly Cushions). Mix and match durometers even on a single truck for a highly customizable ride!

Fits: Platines Arius Platinum
Options: 71A - Orange, 74A - Aqua, 77A - Lavender, 80A - Blanc, 83A - Light Blue, 86A - Yellow-Green, 89A - Royal Blue, 92A - Rouge, 95A - Rose
Vendu par: Set pour 2 platines