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SUPER TOUGH industrial vinyl toe caps with a nearly unbreakable snap and a lot tougher than leather guards. They are heat mouldable to fit perfectly around the toe of your boots. Perfect to withstand the rigours of outdoor skating and roller derby.
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Toe Jammer

Heat Molding Instructions:
• Pre-heat conventional oven (do not microwave!) to 200°F. (90°C)
• Place Toe Jammers in oven for 4-5 minutes.
• Carefully remove Toe Jammers (they will be hot!).
• Place over toe of boot & hold in place for several minutes until cool.

WARNING : DO NOT OVER-HEAT.  You will destroy them and have to buy another pair!



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Buu 17-01-2020

Button on top starts to hurt the top of my foot sometimes. They lasted me pretty long though, after two seasons they started to show cracks.

4 étoile(s) selon 1 évaluation(s)