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Atom Poison Savant

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You swore by your Poison, but you feel like you've outgrown it? Great news for you: Atom brings you the Poison Savant, same quality and reliability, but more precision and roll, and less 'stick'. That's just the feeling you wanted to get rid of, right?
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Atom Poison Savant

Recommended for:

  • Beginner and intermediate skaters looking for a reliable wheel
  • Intermediate or more advanced skaters on a slippery surface
  • Skaters looking for one type of wheel to use indoor and outdoor
  • Use as a 'pusher' wheel, in combination with a harder set to find the perfect balance between grip and speed on a specific surface

Not recommended for:

  • Use on sticky or grippy surfaces - these wheels are already grippy and this combination will make you feel like you're skating through mud
  • Skaters looking for maximum speed
  • Heavier skaters - these wheels are soft and flex, you might benefit from a harder wheel and/or a stiffer core

The poisonous effect of the Atom Poison wheels:

Poison wheels are loved for their grip and reliability. Atom has taken the Poison wheels to a next level by oversizing the core, which results in a lot of weight reduction and a stiffer wheel. The Poison Savant has a lot more roll than the original Poison, making it perfect for skaters who are getting 'beyond' the original Poison wheel due to their evolution and experience. Forget the sluggish feel and enjoy the speed and response you were starting to miss.

Diamètre: 59 mm
Largeur: 38 mm
Dureté: 84A Hybrid
Wheel Hub: Nylon
Usage: Hybrid
Couleurs: Vert ou Rose
Vendu par: Set de 4 roues (Si vous cherchez suffisantes de roues pour vos deux patins, mettez la quanité à 2)