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Vegan Skates and Skates that can be made Vegan for you

The boots and skates you find here are either 100% vegan or can be customized to be vegan. We noticed other shops promote some boots as vegan, but have leather in the sole or as toe protection on the boot. Read more below.
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Jackson Jackson Vibe
Jackson Vibe
199,95 169,96
Crazy Skates Crazy DBX 3 Pack Size 36
399,95 299,96
Riedell Riedell Blue Streak
Riedell Blue Streak
399,95 369,95

Vegan Skates and Skates that can be made Vegan for you

While a lot of mid level and high performance roller skates are made (partially) of leather, there are quality options in vegan material.

  • There are those boots that come vegan as they are of manmade material such as microfiber, Durolite, PU Leather (which is fake leather) and the like. These boots need no extra customization and are vegan as they are.
    Examples are the Mota Savage and Hybrid boots, Bont Hybrid Microfiber and the recreational Moxi Beach Bunny skates.

  • Some other boots are made out of leather, but can be customized. Customization for these boots mean they will be made of vegan fake leather. This customization, however, is not included in the regular price of the boots or skate packages, and will come at an additional cost and 6-10 weeks lead as these boots will be made especially for you. 
    Examples are the Riedell Solaris, Riedell Blue Streak, Riedell 495 and 265, Antik Phantom, Antik MG-2

As leather is expensive, most entry level derby roller skates and recreational roller skates are made out of manmade material to keep the roller skates affordable. 
Great vegan entry level skates for Roller Derby are: Riedell R3, Crazy Vxi, Rookie Raw, Jackson Vibe... The Chaya Rubyis not vegan!
Vegan intermediate skates for Roller Derby can be found in: Mota Savage and Bont Hybrid

Note that there are boots and skates that are almost completely vegan (such as the Chaya Ruby, Vertigo Q4 and Q6...) because they have a small part of the boots in leather like the toe protection or (parts of) the sole.
On this page, however, we only listed the 100% vegan options.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.