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Moxi Lolly Skate

Moxi Skates Moxi Lolly Skate


Description du produit

** Chaque option qui dit pas 'en stock', est une précommande. Nous n'avons pas des détails sur le délai, attendez vous à une longue attente. **
** Moxi organise son calendrier de production en fonction de la taille et de la couleur ** 

** Les patins Lolly sont fabriqués dans de nombreuses couleurs et tailles - les patins Lolly sont fabriqués sur commande, nous en avons quelques uns en stock. Gardez à l'esprit qu'avec la situation de COVID-19 perturbe les fabricants, les fournisseurs et les expéditeurs - il y a un retard. **

These suedeleather high top roller skates can be used for indoor or outdoor skating. They come with Moxi Gummy Outdoor Wheels and an adjustable toe stop.  Moxi Lolly Skates are a mid-range lifestyle skate, designed for recreation, park and street skating. The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots. Oh and they come in different cute colors!

Moxi Lolly Skates Classic Black

Moxi Classic Black

Moxi Lolly Skates Floss Teal

Moxi Floss Teal 

Moxi Lolly Skates Clementine Orange

Moxi Clementine Orange

Moxi Lolly Skates Lilac

Moxi Lilac

Moxi Lolly Green Apple

Moxi Green Apple

Moxi Lolly Skates Poppy Red

Moxi Poppy Red

Moxi Lolly Skates Pineapple Yellow

Moxi Pineapple Yellow

Moxi Lolly Taffy Purple

Moxi Taffy Purple


2021 Model Features:

  • Newly-developed suede uppers
    • Struck-through suede (dyed completely through the hide) improves color fidelity over the life of the product
    • Improved color vibrancy
    • Slight increase in thickness for more support
    • More consistent suede texture
  • Revised Moxi Classic outdoor wheels
    • Width change from 40mm to 35mm for improved agility
    • Rounded face promotes easier turn-in
    • Color-matching wheels for all Lolly boot colors

**NOTE!! Please make sure that you are ordering the correct size and color BEFORE placing your order. We are no longer able to accommodate changes once an order has been placed.


* Recommended fit is snug but not uncomfortable.
* If between sizes, the larger of the two sizes is recommended.
* For most accurate sizing, use millimetres measurements. Shoe sizes are an approximation and can vary between styles and brands. Length measurement should be taken while standing.
* All measurements are recommendations only. Sizing may vary based on personal preference and skill level.
The size to select in the dropdown is MOXI (pink column).

How to measure your feet
Stand up straight on a piece of paper with your heel against the wall. Let someone else(!) draw your foot with a pen or pencil held at 90°. L
Repeat for both feet and measure the longest distance between your heel and toes.

! The pressure on your feet changes when you sit down or bend over to trace your feet. Your heels might even lift off the floor. This will result in a different tracing and different length. Let someone help you.
! Make sure the pen or pencil does not draw under your foot. We are looking for the tracing of your foot, not the contact surface!

Moxi Roller Skate Size Chart

* We carry different sizes and colours in stock, but not every color in every size at any given moment. Your skates might have to get ordered in.
* Note that these are handmade in the USA, so when these are not in stock, it will take weeks up to months for production and shipping. Contact us if you want to be sure before you order.


CIB Slide blocks

If you want to get CIB Slide Blocks under these skates, we advise the following:

- Size SMALL for Moxi Lolly Skates in skate size 45 & 6
- Size MEDIUM for Moxi Lolly Skates in skate size 7
- Size LARGE for Moxi Lolly Skates in skate size 8, 9 & 10


Note about Moxi's leather:
The leather used in Moxi roller skate boots is real, genuine bovine cowhide that is hand sorted and inspected for quality by eye and feel before they purchase and also before they cut it. The hair on the hide varies in coarseness making the texture of the leather vary slightly. When the hide is then cut into pieces, the variations become more obvious after sewn together. This will not change the functionality or feel of your skating experience.


These old colors are no longer available:

Moxi Lolly Skate Strawberry Pink

Moxi Strawberry Pink

Moxi Lolly Skates Honeydew Green

Moxi Honeydew Green

Moxi Lolly Skates Fuchsia

Moxi Fuchsia

Moxi Lolly Skates Pool Blue

Moxi Pool Blue

-- Unsure about your size? Let us help you! Get in touch for a quick and easy consultation to get you the best fit. Avoid unnecessary shipping charges and let us help you get it right the first time you order. --
-- If you are able to come to our store or visit us at an event, we offer a full boot fitting service with extensive and honest advice. --


5 / 5

5 étoiles selon 1 avis

  • 5 / 5By Tyla 24 / Dec / 2019

    In love, very good skates and really comfortable

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