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TSG Force III A Knee Pads

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TSG Force III A Knee Pads

The Force III A knee pads with high performance Arti-Lage foam are the most advanced vert knee pads available. The Arti-Lage impact pad is soft in use but stiffens on impact, surpassing the shock-absorbing performance of EVA. Fine-tuned with a PE reinforcement insert at the outer side for careless side-slides. With their superior protection and comfortable fit, the Force III A's soon became our vert skate team riders favourite knee pads.



  • Hardshell construction - Hardshell covered pads reduce friction against the ground in case of a fall. Maximum protection from impacts (like a kick in the shins by another skater)
  • ARTI-LAGE foam - Arti-lage foam mimics the physical structure of human cartilage with molecular freeflow technology. Soft and flexible at normal use but building a hard, protective shell at impact. The remaining impact energy is converted into barely noticeable heat before reaching the body.
    - High performance shock absorption (up to 95% of impact energy)
    - Lighter than common impact foams
    - Long-lasting anti-compression and deformation even after multiple uses
    - Temperature steady
    - Breathable and anti-microbial
  • Multilayer EVA foam on and around the knee - EVA provides shock absorbing properties, stress-crack resistance and temperature toughness. It can be used in multi layers and backed with hard shell caps for a solid performance.
  • Replaceable PE Knee Cap - High impact strength and low friction caps for use on rough and concrete ground.


  • Pre-shaped design - pre-shaped body protection comes with a pre-bended articulated design for unrestricting wearing comfort and superior fit.
  • Strong Cordura fabric
  • Reinforced at critical stress points
  • Horseshoe shape - The custom horseshoe shape greatly surrounds the knees. The compression-moulded foam pad with a raised top part sits perfectly around your protected joints. This shape minimizes shifting and down-sliding to keep your pad in place during action.
  • Neoprene butterfly straps - No skate removal neede. Accessible open-back design with comfortable neoprene butterfly velcro closure for easy on and off.
  • Top velcro 360° strap - The strap wraps around the whole limb offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.
  • Adjustable bottom velcro strap with snap buckle - Buckled strapz allow great size fine adjustment
  • Comfortable lining fabric
  • Open-back design - No skate removal needed. Accessible open-back design with comfortable neoprene butterfly Velcro closure for easy on and off