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Atom Gear Wrist Guard

Looking for a small wrist guard with ultimate range of motion and no bulk at all? This is the smallest derby specific protective gear on the market, making it great for referees!
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Atom Gear Wrist Guard


  • Contoured palm protection for ultimate fit and comfort
  • High-density foam to absorb impact
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Two adjustable velcro straps
  • Hand wash and dry
  • We carry the latest, most up to date version, with a longer wrist strap for example-



For wrist circumference: measure 2,5cm down from the middle knuckle and across from pointer knuckle to pinky knuckle.

For palm width: measure your wrist from just past the wrist bone.

  XS     11.5 - 14 cm  
  S   14 - 16.5 cm
  M   16.5 - 19 cm
  L   19 - 21.5 cm  
  XL   21.5 - 24 cm

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