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Fresh Feet

Derby and roller skating is awesome, but the smell is... NOT. This spray will neutralize bacteria and the smell of your skates and sports shoes by using probiotics. 100% natural and anti-allergenic.
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Fresh Feet

Fresh Feet is a powerful approach for your less nice-smelling sports equipment: your skates and shoes.  
Use the Fresh Feet probiotic spray on all non-machine washable shoes and the good bacteria in the product start their work.
They remove organic dirt and ensure that the smell disappears, in a 100% natural way.

Your skates and sports shoes get a neutral smell again. This prolongs the life of your material!

For fresh, non-machine washable, sports equipment 100% natural Anti-allergenic
Prevents unpleasant odors in all sorts of shoes, ....
* This one is for skates and sports shoes. As feet have different bacteria than other body parts, we also offer the Fresh Gear, which is the spray for your protection.