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Leather Pro Fit Toe Caps

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Pro Fit Toe Caps are the most covering toe caps you can find. Long 2mm thick leather will protect your skates like no other toe cap.
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Leather Pro Fit Toe Caps

Recommended for:

  • Protecting your roller skates from scuffing
  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use

You need more protection? These Pro Fit Toe Caps are 2mm thick leather and long, to protect your skates even better!

These Leather Toe Guards have a large hole for your toe stop and a loop to run your laces through.

! If your toe stop is secured with a nut, do NOT place the guard between the nut and the plate. This will cause the nut to become displaced much easier, resulting in loose and lost stops.


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Buu 17-01-2020

Protected to toes of my old Elite skates and did a good job. I like the fact that there is no "button" on them and that you have to use your laces to keep them in place. As the part where the laces go through is not all the way at the toes, I haven't had my laces snap on me anymore. These toe caps protect your toes & the front of your laces!

5 sterren gebaseerd op 1 beoordelingen