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With these wheels, everyday is FUNDAE! Recommended for slick park surfaces and those new to ramps AND streets and outdoors for those experienced in the streets and want more speed! Available in 4 swirly colours.
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Moxi Fundae wielen

** Bearings for these wheels are not included. You can find those right here. **

Both salty and sweet, Moxi's Fundae hybrid street and skate park wheels are a unique combination of what we do most in everyday skating: NEVER STOP. 
We don't want to stop to change our wheels for different surfaces, either. That's Moxi we planned for nonstop, all-day long excursions with Fundae wheels.
Classic outdoor wheels are much too blubbery for the skate parks and harder park wheels are difficult to do much else with so we created Fundae wheels.
Shaped for the SKATE PARK
Poured for the STREETS
Fundae formula is FAST and resilient on asphalt and sidewalk commuting. It holds its shape for transitioning floors at skate parks. The shape of the wheel is narrow enough to pivot safely out of bails and carved in a way to avoid getting caught up on the coping.

Wiel hoogte (diameter): 57 mm
Wiel breedte: 34 mm
Wiel hardheid: 92A
Wiel hub: Nylon
Kleur: Swirly colors: Birthday Cake Blue, Lavender Purple, Bubble Gum Pink and Creme de Menthe Mint
Wiel gebruik: Hybrid - Ramps & Street
Verkocht per: Pakket van 4 wielen (om beide rolschaatsen van wielen te voorzien, bestel je 2 pakketjes in totaal)
4.75 sterren gebaseerd op 4 beoordelingen
SEBASTIEN 30-11-2019

I hope they have black or brown or neutral color. performance is good.

Zoe 16-11-2019

Roues idéales pour le street! Elles sont légères, et donc idéales pour faire des tricks comme au skatepark, elles sont relativement molles, ce qui apporte une bonne amortie, nécessaire lorsqu’on roule dans les villes, et elles sont relativement glissantes quand même, ce qui permet de slider quand même, contrairement aux autres roues hybrides qui ont trop de grip.

Anna 16-11-2019

Super comfi street/skatepark wielen. Op straat zijn ze iets ruiger, maar perfect doenbaar als je je wielen even niet wil wisselen. Note : ze gaan snel en je kan snel uit de bochten vliegen :D, héhé. But so much fun ! Ik raad geen andere wielen als je een street/skatepark skater bent.

Soemeh 15-11-2019

Love these! Whether I’m skating on concrete or wooden ramps, I have speed and grip with these lovely looking wheels.

4.75 sterren gebaseerd op 4 beoordelingen