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With a slightly larger footprint than your standard toe stops and made of grippy natural rubber, the Jupiter toe stops are non-marking, long lasting toe stops.
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Jupiter Toe Stops

Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Skaters who like a larger toe stop surface and don't want the extra weight 
  • Skaters who use their toe stops A LOT
  • Jammers (but also blockers) who drive walls forward on power using their toe stops

Not recommended for:

  • Skaters who are not fond of bigger toe stops 
  • Plates that have European threading (like Roll*Line)

The hollow stem and bell shape allow the Jupiter to have a large 54mm footprint and still be one of the lightest around. The size is perfect for stability and pushing off of your toe stops for driving, sudden direction changes and what not. The natural non-marking rubber is grippy and remarkably durable.

Signature dimples (holes) in the flat surface give you 'bite' for fast starts and quick stops

The stem is also colored (anodized) in black - you'll recognize this toe stop immediately.

! The molded safety line indicates when the rubber is worn down to the stem. You'll know fairly in time when to change your toe stops. This isn't just practical, it is also safe for you and the surface you're skating on. No more crazy slip when the rubber is completely worn down, no more damaging a floor when the stem starts sticking out.

-- This is one of our favorites! --

Kleur: Natuurlijk
Toe Stop voetafdruk: Medium
Lengte van de stem: Standaard
Oppervlakte: Vlak
Densiteit: Medium
Past op de onderstellen van: PowerDyne, Pilot, Chaya, Crazy, Sure Grip, Mota
Wordt verkocht per: Set van 2
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