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Toe Plugs

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These rubber toe plug (or jam plugs) protect your plates and the floor when you don't use toe stops. Perfect for jam skating or a no-toe-stop-practice.
Toe Plugs

Recommended for:

  • Any time you want to skate without toe stops
  • Jam skating
  • No-Toe-Stop-Practice

Not recommended for:

  • Toe stop usage - these are not stoppers!


When doing fancy jam/dance moves on your skates, your toe stops might get in the way. That's when you take off you toe stops and put in your toe plugs - to prevent damage to your skates or the floor

Are you challenging yourself by skating derby without toe stops? It's a great way to practice and enhance your footwork. Bear in mind that when you do tip down (reflexes and muscle memory might do that to you), you might damage your plates on the floor, or damage the floor with your plates. Take care of your skates and the floor you skate on by putting in your toe plugs.

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