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Avenger Aluminum

The Avenger plate features some never before seen design elements. Some of the features that make this plate different from all the rest are these:
  • Hollow kingpin: Designed only for the Avenger plate, this kingpin is 30% lighter than traditional kingpins, and made of hardened prime grade steel. It will not fit any other plates, and comes pre-installed
  • Hollow center: Hollowed out center section to save weight. Along with the hollow center Sure Grip raised the height to increase the rigidity length wise.
  • Aluminum alloy: Unique weight saving techniques have allowed Sure Grip to cut the Aluminum Avenger by 10% when compared to standard plates.
  • Shortened front end: For those who want to get aggressive with their short forward mounts can now do so with plenty of room to spare so the plate will not hang over the front of your boot. The Avenger is optimized for the short forward set up but a standard mount is still possible, just pick one plate size larger.
  • DA45 trucks: New DA45 truck optimized for the fixed kingpin wth a slightly slimmer truck than the original version.
  • Sure-Grip Super Cushions: Four different cushion options to choose from. High rebound, high quality urethane to fine tune your skates to the way you like to skate. Four different levels of hardness: 72A, 79A, 85A, 93A.

-- The Avenger plate comes standard with purple 85A (medium/hard) cushions.

Plate material: Aluminium
Kingpin Angle: 45°
Axles: 8mm
Toe Stop included: Ja - Sure Grip Carrera
Mounting Kit included: Ja
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Mache 20-11-2019

légères, abordables, je les ai vite adoptées :)

5 sterren gebaseerd op 1 beoordelingen