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TSG Basic Protection Pack

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Looking for a cheap start to derby package? Or looking for some outdoor skating gear? This package is your thing. Fine protection. Nothing more, nothing less.
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TSG Basic Protection Pack

This all-in-one skate protection set includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for beginners and good deal lovers. Elbow and knee pads with EVA cup foam and PE caps provide protection against impacts and abrasions. Comes with TSG's Wristguard Professional.

Knee/elbow pads

  • sleek pre-shaped design
  • shock absorbing EVA padding
  • fixed knee/elbow cap
  • top roundabout and bottom back velcro straps
  • pull-over design


  • removable wrist and palm splint
  • artificial leather palm pad
  • 3 adjustable velcro straps 
  • CE Critt 0501

TSG Manufacturer's Sizing Chart

 Wrist Guards  
 Small   Medium   Large
 Top Width  9.5 cm  10.5 cm  11 cm
 Bottom Width  8 cm  9.5 cm  10 cm
 Height  17.5 cm  18 cm  18.5 cm
 Elbow Pads  Small  Medium  Large
 Top Width  10.5 cm  11.5 cm  12.5 cm
 Bottom Width  10 cm  11 cm  12 cm
 Height  16.5 cm  17 cm  17.5 cm
 Knee Pads  Small   Medium    Large 
 Top Width  12.5 cm  13.5 cm  14.5 cm 
 Bottom Width  12 cm  13 cm  14 cm
 Height  21.5 cm   22 cm  22.5 cm