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187 Fly Starter Pack

187 Fly Starter Pack

€299,70 €339,70

187 Fly Starter Pack


€299,70 €339,70Inkl. MwSt.-12%

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Willst du unbedingt dein Roller Derby Abenteuer beginnen, suchst aber nach etwas mehr Schutz, um es sicher zu genießen? Dieses Paket hat einen besseren Knieschutz, bietet aber trotzdem tolle Schlittschuhe und andere notwendige Ausrüstung. Willkommen beim


Willst du unbedingt dein Roller Derby Abenteuer beginnen, suchst aber nach etwas mehr Schutz, um es sicher zu genießen? Dieses Paket hat einen besseren Knieschutz, bietet aber trotzdem tolle Schlittschuhe und andere notwendige Ausrüstung. Willkommen beim Roller Derby!

Roller Skates

Riedell R3
Classic starter skate. These are the narrower skate of all options. The slim boot is completely vegan and has a soft open toebox. The ankle strap keeps you in place while the inner padding makes the R3 a comfortable skate to start with. Skate tool included.

Chaya Ruby

Our newest addition to the starter packs is an agile setup (due to its 20° plate) and immediately one of our favourite options. The Ruby has a medium to wider width shoe with a curved toe, protected by a harder toe box. This gives you an ergonomic fit, a little bit of wiggling room at the toes and extra protection in that area. The Ruby has a round standard toe stop (best of the skate options in the starter packs) and allround indoor medium soft/hard wheels.  

Crazy Vxi

The Vxi skates are an agile setup due to the Apollo plate at 20°. The shoes have a rounded collar for comfort and a velcro strap to secure you in place. As the toe box is soft and open, it can be laced wider or smaller as you please. This boot has the most padding on the inside, compared to the other options. This results in a comfortable fit, but we advise you to get them snug as padding becomes thinner over time (in all skates).


TSG Helmet skate/bmx → This is our most popular, best fitting and most size-accurate helmet 
This classic helmet from TSG is also very popular. Together with the other helmet options, this has been a standard reliable option to protect your head. 

Triple 8 - Brainsaver Dual Certified with EPS Liner

The Brainsaver is your standard roller skate helmet, available in different colors. It is safe, fits well and has a sweat wicking liner.

S-One Lifer Helmet

This Lifer helmet is the safest helmet option. It is certified for single and multi impact, exactly what you need for roller derby. The Lifer fits deep on the head and is not fully round, but a bit slimmer on the sides. It comes in a very wide range of sizes and color options.

Knee pads

187 Killer Pads Fly Knee
The Fly knee pads are a set of super efficient knee pads. It is safer than most of the beginner options, but not as pricey or bulcky as the top of the line knee pads. Enough pad, but not too much to restrict your crossover, for example. The neoprene sleeve at the back and upper and bottom straps keep the knee pads nicely in place. 

Elbow pads

187 elbow pads and Slim Elbow pads
Both of reliable quality and protection level, you can choose any of these 2 options. The standard 187 elbow pad is protective without being too bulky. It is ergonomically fit and easy to put on and take off. The slim version is smaller, making the elbow pad more efficient without losing protection. It has a quick-dry liner to boot.

Wrist guards

187 Wrist Guard and Derby Wrist Guard
Both are used by beginner and elite skaters because these are safe, practical in use and long lasting. While the regular 187 wrist guard uses a 3 point closing with velcro straps, the derby wrist guard is a pull on model with extra velcro to secure its position. Both are non-restricting the range of motion you want for roller derby


SISU Next Gen Aero Mouthguard
This mouthguard is the most practical option and the most used amongst roller derby skaters. Instead of being bulcky, which would just make you gag and drool, this SISU mouthguard uses efficient technology to keep you safe. Why is it so loved? Because it is of a practical size, you can form fit it for YOU and your teeth and you can talk, breathe and drink with it. Whilst this might not be your concern right now, you'll be happy about this choice in the long run. Don't just take our word for it, ask your team mates. 

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Have you considered this?

  • Protecting your skates with a set of toe caps or toe guards. When falling and skating, the toe area of your skates will get damaged. Put a second layer of protection around them to keep them new.
  • Changing your wheels or bearings requires a tool. You might need it when you put your outdoor wheels on, for example.
  • Organizing your skate bag? Before you know it, it becomes a mess. Putting your extra wheels and other small items in a wheel bag will make your life easier when digging into your skate bag to find something.
  • Just throwing your skates over your shoulder. You can do it without wearing your laces out, by just hooking the roller skates into this skate leash. Easiest way to carry your skates.

-- Consider sizing! No elbow pad is the same, nor are skates, wrist guards, helmets or knee pads. You can click on the products above to find more information about that item, or you can check our sizing information page.

-- Skate size advise for the most popular skate Riedell R3:

  US Men's  European
  4  36
  5  37
  6  38
  7  39/40
  8  41
  9  42/43
  10  44
  11  45
  12  46
  13  47

** We find the Chaya Ruby skates to size somewhat small. You might want to go up one size. If you are a 38, please consider getting yourself a size 39. **


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