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The Radar Energy Wheels feature the finest outdoor urethane available for outdoor skating. The wheels are designed to glide smoothly over rough surfaces and small debris. The Energy wheels are fast and long lasting.
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Radar Energy buiten wielen

** Bearings/lagers voor je wielen zijn niet inclusief. Deze vind je hier **

The Energy wheels are amongst our favourites because they are well priced for the quality you get, they are fast and long lasting. It is a perfect outdoor wheel you can use for summers to come.
You might want to consider getting bearings for these wheels to avoid the hassle of changing your bearings from one set of wheels to another all the time. You will manage just fine with a set of Abec7 Bearings for the pleasure of outdoor skating.

Radar Energy wheels are available in different dimensions and colors:

  • 65mm high Energy wheels come in Black and Clear Red
  • 62mm high Energy wheels come in White, Teal, Clear Yellow, Clear Green and one last set of Pink
  • 57mm high Energy wheels come in Red, Navy, Yellow, Clear Blue, Aqua, Orange, Pink and Purple

Black - 65mm

Clear Red - 65mm











Clear Green - 62mm

Clear Yellow - 62mm

Teal - 62mm

White - 62mm







Clear Blue - 57 mm

Navy - 57mm

Red - 57mm

Yellow - 57mm

Radar Energy 57 Purple

Purple - 57mm

Radar Energy 57 Orange

Orange - 57mm

Radar Energy 57 Pink

Pink - 57mm

Radar Energy 57 Aqua

Aqua - 57mm

*** Your selected option might not reflect the photo in your basket. We will ship you the color you indicated and which is represented in wording, we will not use the color (which might be orange) of the photo as a reference.

Wiel hoogte (diameter): 65 mm, 62 mm of 57mm
Wiel breedte: 31mm, 32mm of 35mm
Wiel hardheid: Outdoor 78A
Wiel hub: Nylon
Kleur: Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, Clear yellow, Teal, White, Clear Blue, Navy, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Orange, Pink & Purple
Wiel gebruik: Outdoor
Verkocht per: Pakket van 4 wielen (om beide rolschaatsen van wielen te voorzien, bestel je 2 pakketjes in totaal)
5 sterren gebaseerd op 6 beoordelingen
Irena 04-09-2020

Excellent wheel for outdoor cruising! I have the 65mm wheel, which is great for speed and offers some agility, but if you want a great stable wheel with even more agility in turns and transitions, get the 57mm one.

Caitlin 26-06-2020

Arrived surprisingly quick considering I live in Northern Ireland. Quality product, love these wheels!

Karolina 23-06-2020

Love these! Great grip but also good agility - I go thru different terrain and never know what can get my way - these are top notch, also I take them to the rink and still are able to perform some tricks, back rides and jumps. I have them on Moxi Lollys. The provide good stability no matter where you go - a real hybrid for me, I have the small 57mm ones - and these go so well. Plus I actually love the new bright colors pallette - you can mix and match to customize. Full Energy ;)!

Elke 19-06-2020

Leuke en vooral heel aangename buitenwielen. De kleurtjes maken het helemaal af en zorgen ervoor dat je meteen opvalt. Vlotte wielen voor lange outdoor-tochten, zowel op vlakke banen als weer hobbelige parcours.

Lt. Savage 18-04-2020

These are great and affordable outdoor wheels and last very long. I bought them as my first outdoor wheels when I started derby (6 years ago) and still use them for all my outdoor skating trips. My outdoor skating tours are mostly around 20 km with lots of different surfaces (from smooth concrete to cobblestone-like underground). I also love that they come in fun colors.

AVM 10-04-2020

I have the Moxi Beach Bunny skates and I love them. What made them even better for me was adding the Radar Energy wheels...
While I felt more stuck to the ground before, it feels like I'm "flying" now. Great outdoor wheels!

5 sterren gebaseerd op 6 beoordelingen