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Roll Line Hockey Toe Stops

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The Roll Line Hockey Toe Stops are for skaters who envy the quality of a Roll Line Hockey Large toe stops, but don't want to go thàt big. Same shape, same quality, smaller surface.
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Roll Line Hockey Toe Stops

We carry these in the Natural/Amber color.

More options are available, such as Coral (red), Grey, Pink and Blue, but we depend on the production and availability from Roll Line for those. Note that the quality of the toe stop is influenced by the color of the rubber. Get in touch if you're dying for another color.

Kleur: Natuurlijk
Toe Stop voetafdruk: Small/Medium
Lengte van de stem: Standaard
Oppervlakte: Vlak
Densiteit: Medium
Past op de onderstellen van: PowerDyne, Pilot, Chaya, Crazy, Sure Grip, Mota OR Roll Line, Boen, other European threaded plates
Wordt verkocht per: Set van 2
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