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Roll Line Super Pro Toe Stops

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The Roll*Line Super Professional toe stops are exactly that. Professional for every skater and any use. The longest durability, great grip and bounce like no other. Perfect for intense toe stop users, also on rougher outdoor surfaces.
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Roll Line Super Pro Toe Stops

-- Our all time favorite! --

Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Skaters looking for a larger footprint toe stop
  • Intense toe stops users

Not recommended for:

  • Extremely light toe stops aficionados - these are not super heavy, but they are definitely not the lightest either
  • Skaters with a preference for a small footprint toe stop

These toe stops are available with EU/Metric and US/Imperial thread. You will choose one or the other depending on the plates you want to use them with.
→ EU/Metric will fit Roll*Line and Boen plates.
→ US/Imperial will fit PowerDyne (Riedell/Arius), Sure Grip, Crazy Venus, Atom/Pilot, Chaya...
If you are unsure about what you need, please contact us!


What is up with Roll*Line Super Professional toe stops?

These Super Pro toe stops are the standard in artistic skating, the discipline requiring jumps AND precision. That easily translates to contemporary roller derby, don't you think? Intense toe stop users will love these Super Pro's

The specific non-marking composition and round, unflattened shape ensures good contact with the floor, grip and bounce. The 50mm surface is bigger than your standard toe stops, yet not extreme. Bonus: extreme durability. These take ages to wear down, both for indoor and outdoor use.

The all over roundness facilitates easy direction changes without sacrificing your push off force. The particular holes in the surface enhance the bounce of the material for quick starts, push offs, 'bite'. 100% rubber grips nicely for precise stops and slowing down your opponent using your toe stops for the perfect face ward blocking slow slide (keeping it legal!). 

Whether you are a jukey jammer, you drive through walls using your toe stops or you block using your toe stops for quick stops and direction changes, driving your opponents out of the way or holding that jammer facing her/him, these Roll*Line Super Pro toe stops will help you getting the job done. Reliable, precise toe stops.

If you are sensitive to super lightweight material and you rely on your gear to maintain light feet, these might not be your pick. The Super Pro's are not heavy, but there are lighter options you might want to consider.

These Roll*Line Super Pro toe stops are amber (neutral). Other colors are available upon request, know that the quality of the colored ones diverge. These amber ones are 100% rubber and have the highest quality.

Kleur: Natuurlijk
Toe Stop voetafdruk: Medium
Lengte van de stem: Standaard
Oppervlakte: Vlak
Densiteit: Medium
Past op de onderstellen van: PowerDyne, Pilot, Chaya, Crazy, Sure Grip, Mota
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Honey Boo Boo 18-11-2019

Super solides et durables ! Ni trop gros, ni trop petits : un bon basique.

5 sterren gebaseerd op 1 beoordelingen