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Superball Toe Stops

This BIG surface toe stop is the first to have a dual compound. The outer compound is soft for superior grip and traction, the inner pads are harder for longevity and durability. The stem is strong, but hollow to reduce the overall weight.
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Superball Toe Stops

Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Skaters who like a really big toe stop surface
  • Jammers (but also blockers) who drive walls forward on power

Not recommended for:

  • Skaters who want to have extremely light toe stops
  • Skaters who are not fond of big toe stops 
  • Plates that have European threading (like Roll*Line)

Colored stems are packaged and mixed randomly • Blue, Green, Magenta, Red

What is so special about these toe stops?

These Superball toe stops have the largest footprint you've ever seen - 60mm. It gives you maximum surface contact and tremendous stability. But don't fear skimming your wheels: the surface has cutouts, so the toe stops will not touch your wheels, even with loose trucks. 
There are no other toe stops that use 2 different durometers together. This gives you the best of both worlds: soft outer compound for superior grip and traction, harder inner pads for longevity and durability

The combination of how big these toe stops are, with the grip and traction, will be loved by jammers who drive into a wall. Think about the way and intensity you can push on your toe stops with, how you will plant them into the floor while driving.
Because of the way the toe stops are constructed (internal part of the stem has an oversized head), the stem and the urethane will not separate, will never pop off. The hollow stem makes for an ultra light weight feel. So you will wear very big toe stops, but it will not feel like that.

When you take the Superballs out of the package they will feel slick, so give them a moment to break in. Expect an introductory moment to get used to them as they skate like no other toe stops you have worn before. They do have a flat surface, though.
And because it is just plain fun, the stems are colored and mixed in the packages. So you'll never know what two colors you'll get. 

Kleur: Natuurlijk
Toe Stop voetafdruk: Medium
Lengte van de stem: Standaard
Oppervlakte: Vlak
Densiteit: Medium
Past op de onderstellen van: PowerDyne, Pilot, Chaya, Crazy, Sure Grip, Mota
Wordt verkocht per: Set van 2
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