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Bionic Big Foot Toe Stops

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Some people just like it BIG. For them, we have the Bionic Big Foot toe stops. With a very large footprint (59mm), you will not only have stability, but a major surface to push off of. The Bionic Big Foot is perfect for precise stops and strong starts.
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Bionic Big Foot Toe Stops

Recommended for:

  • Roller Derby (all levels)
  • Recreational roller skating
  • Indoor use
  • Skaters with a preference for a large footprint toe stop

Not recommended for:

  • Skaters looking for regular or small sized toe stops
  • Outdoor use, or use on any rough surface (like asphalt) - especially for the XGRIP version
  • Skaters who are looking for long lasting toe stops 

What is up with these Bionic Big Foot toe stops?

These white toe stops are BIG! The 59mm footprint is much larger than your standard toe stop dimension, yet you will not lose the possibility to make quick direction changes on your toe stops. 

The large surface will be to your liking if you're looking for stability when pushing off on your toe stops, or when you're facing the opponent while blocking with one toe stop on the floor. 

The Big Foot toe stops use the same material as the Bionic Super Stopper, so they are durable and non-marking.

Kleur: Natuurlijk
Toe Stop voetafdruk: Medium
Lengte van de stem: Standaard
Oppervlakte: Vlak
Densiteit: Medium
Past op de onderstellen van: PowerDyne, Pilot, Chaya, Crazy, Sure Grip, Mota
Wordt verkocht per: Set van 2
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Buu 17-01-2020

Like the fact that it's a bigger surface making contact with the ground, but I tend to slip a bit more than on other toe stops.

4 sterren gebaseerd op 1 beoordelingen