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Cushions for the Roll Line Blaster and Roll Line Killer (titanium) plates. Customize your plates to your style by investing in the easiest upgrade with the most influence to the finesse of your skating.
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Roll Line Cushions

Changing the cushions on your plates, will make your skating more fluent and precise. We offer 5 options in hardnesses, which you can combine to your liking. In short: Upper cushions will give you stability, lower cushions will give you agility, deep turns and finer edgework.

Roll-Line Elastomer cushions provide incredibly quick and fluid energy transmission from the foot through the skate to the skating surface. Available in five hardnesses to provide the perfect skate alignment. The Upper (large) cushion provides the stability of the edge, while the Lower (small) cushion creates the deep edges and great turns. The cushions can be mixed and matched to provide a VERY custom skate action.
Usually the upper suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the skater, and provides the edge stability, while the lower suspension is one or two levels more flexible, providing great edges and changes. (Sometimes for FreeStyle skating, the lower cushion is one level stiffer to support the stability of landing major jumps.)

Note that Roll Line cushions come at a different price than other plates' cushions. This is because the material of which the Roll Line cushions are made of, is of higher quality, is more precize and will last longer. Great investment!

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