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Roll Line Killer Plates

Roll Line Roll Line Killer Plates


Roll Line

Roll Line Killer Plates


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    The Roll Line Killer Plate has been developped for the derby track and aggressive derby play. Light, strong, powerful for top performance. The different kingpin angles will bring you agility as well as power/stability.


    *** No longer produced ***

    Roll Line is well known for their high performane plates in Artistic skating and hockey. They have taken their knowhow, worked together with top level derby skaters and developped this fine piece of art. The Killer features a strong yet lightweight design, is made of special aluminium alloy and has trucks with steel axles for strength.
    The front kingpin angle is set at 18 degrees for a little added agility going into turns, jukes and transitions to give you an edge over the competition while the back 16 degree kingpin gives you power and stability through your stride. The Kingpins feature a click action adjustment system for precision.

    Roll Line cushions are made of elastomer - which is different from other brands' plates. Roll-Line Elastomer cushions provide incredibly quick and fluid energy transmission from the foot through the skate to the skating surface. Available in five hardnesses to provide the perfect skate alignment. The Upper (Large) cushion provides the Stability of the Edge, while the Lower (Small) cushion creates the deep edges and great turns. The Suspensions can be mixed and matched to provide a VERY custom skate action.

    Usually the upper suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the skater, and provides the edge stability, while the lower suspension is more flexible, providing great edges and changes.
    Find more information about these cushions right here.

    Roll Line plates are proudly made in Italy. This also means all the threading is metric, so you will need to use EU Roll Line toe stops and metric threaded nuts on these plates. We don't find this to be a downside as their toe stops are amazing and those nuts are common in our shop or your hardware store. Plus, there is a set of Roll Line Super Pro toe stops included when you get these Killer plates!
    While Roll Line likes to make their plates with 7mm axles, we ask them to  deliver the Killer plates with 8mm axles so you can use the more universal 8mm bearings. Either option is available for you to choose. Depending on availability at our shop and at Roll Line's warehouse, you can go for the silver of black finish.


    5 / 5

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    • 5 / 5By Honey Boo Boo 18 / Nov / 2019

      Un choix qu'on ne regrette pas !! La qualité Roll Line est là, maniabilité et agilité aussi : du solide ! 4 saisons avec ces platines aux pieds et je ne m'en lasse pas :)

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