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About us

Sucker Punch is Miyagi’s precious baby. She is a skater with Lille Roller Girls and
a former Gent GO-GO Roller Girls skater.

MM started skating with GO-GO Gent early 2010 and can’t imagine her life without skates nor derby and the great community attached.

Being a lifetime nerd, derby gear and skates appealed to her as a natural interest and love – thus she became a roller derby gear nerd! Ha! It would be selfish of her to keep all that knowledge, insight & enthousiasm to herself, so she started sharing that love through the Sucker Punch Skate Shop since spring 2011.

It is important for her to keep digging in the skate knowledge to provide the best info to her customers and fellow skaters. She invests in visits to the manufacturers (people who actually develop and make the stuff), picking experts’ brains and actually talking to any skater about their experience. 


Oh and don't forget Maarten! ;) Spending his life being crazy about anything on wheels, he partnered up with Miyagi. He shares MM's nerdyness on some levels (unfortunately he's not into Star Wars) and has a passion for anything technical. He's the one who'll mount your skates, fix breakages and fuckups, and help you in our store.


Being heavily involved in the European Roller Derby Community and sharing the love all over, we organised the first annual European Roller Derby Convention, Derby Revolution in 2012, celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2017. Keep your eyes open for the next edition!