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Hybrid Wheels

Hybrid wheels are unique because of their allround use. You can use hybrid wheels outdoor, but also on indoor slippery surfaces. We have plenty of options available. Scroll down for plenty of options and more information.
Wheel Size
Wheel Hardness
Atom Atom Poison Savant
44,95 39,95

Hybrid Wheels

Hybrid wheels are a go-to for many skaters. The tire of the wheels -urethane- is made of a specific composition to work on different types of surface. You can use hybrid wheels outdoor, but also on indoor slippery surfaces.

Most hybrid wheels are theoretically 84A, but the urethane blend for hybrid wheels works slightly different than other wheels. In this case a number is just a number.
If you're looking for grippy, the Poison or Sugar/Sweet'nLow is your pick.
If you're in the search for a hybrid wheel that is a little less sticky, slighty harder, but not as much as an 88A indoor wheel, check these options: Radar Villain Slim or Atom Boom

Sticky hybrid wheels are great, however, they can be slow for more experienced skaters. If you feel you're having a hard time to (learn to) plow, you might want to consider a non-hybrid and harder wheel. In this situation, the wheels grip so much, you lack the necessary slide to perform a plow or hockey stop on your terms.
Alternative options for you might be:

If you intend to use these wheels only outdoor, invest in an outdoor specific wheel set. They will last longer and perform better under the outdoor skating circumstances. Check out our outdoor wheel range.