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Roller skates for adults

Find out how to choose the best roller skates for adults and how to start roller skating. Read our comprehensive guide now!

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Buying roller skates for adults

Looking for a fun, low-threshold way to stay active? Explore our range of roller skates for adults! Sucker Punch Skate Shop's roller skates for adults are perfect for recreational roller skating, wheeled fitness, roller dancing and even competitive sports like roller derby.

Browse our adult roller skates above, choose your favourite, select your shoe size or put together your own roller skate and add to your basket. Your order will be posted no later than the day after we receive your payment.

Still a bit cold feet? Below, we tell you more about the advantages of roller skates for adults, how to choose the perfect roller skates and our tips for beginners. Still have questions after reading? Contact us, we will be happy to help you further.

The benefits of roller skating for adults

Roller skating is an excellent way to integrate exercise into your daily routine. It is an efficient cardio exercise that lets you burn calories easily. Moreover, roller skating has a lot less impact on your joints than running. When you have well-fitting roller skates, there is very little chance of strain. In addition, roller skating improves your balance, motor coordination and muscle strength.

Are you starting roller skating as an adult? Then there are still a lot of advantages. For instance, your feet don't grow anymore. This means that a quality pair of roller skates from Sucker Punch Patin Shop is a sustainable investment that you will enjoy for a long time. Roller skating is often done in groups or clubs. Thus, it not only boosts your physical fitness but also your social interaction.

Roller skating as an adult, what do I need?

Ordering the perfect roller skates for adults

No two pairs of feet are the same. For the best support, the shape of your roller skate's shoe best matches your foot shape. That way, your feet are secure and you have more control over your patins, which weigh quite a bit. Roller skate shoes vary from brand to brand, model to model and size to size. Our golden tip: visit our shop and try out the roller skates of your dreams. You get the personal advice for free.

When ordering your roller skates for adults, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will I use my new roller skates for? For dancing, for the skate park or to cover distances?
  • Do I want roller skates with or without a heel, with lots or little support?
  • What is my budget?

You will undoubtedly find the answer below. After all, these are all factors to consider when making your decision.

Flat versus heel

For a focused choice, the difference between flat roller skates and roller skates with heels is important to understand. On rollers with heels, your balance comes to rest more on the front axis of your plates, so you don't have to think as much about bending your knees yourself. If you forget that with flat shoes, you will fall backwards faster. In a nutshell:

  • Roller skates with heels bring your weight forward and provide ankle support. They are ideal for artistic roller skating, such as recreational and dancing.
  • Flat roller skates offer more mobility at the ankle, which makes them more suitable for speed skating and, for example, roller derby.

Inner lining

Also pay attention to the inner lining of your roller skates. Shoes with soft 'foam' on the inside feel very comfortable at first. The downside is that they have a limited lifespan. More rigid shoes with leather on the inside, for example, offer more support and last much longer. The leather molds to your foot. The time it takes for this, the 'brake in time', differs depending on the shoes and the material.


Roller skates run on the same principle as a skateboard. The wheels are connected by a truck. This stays flat on the ground and is set in motion by making you 'lean' the shoe to one side, causing the wheels to turn one way. Most roller skates have soft wheels as standard. These are suitable for rough surfaces outside, for example on the street. It is always possible to replace your wheels after purchase.


Fixed brakes or 'toe stops' are not adjustable in height. You're more likely to find them on basic models. But some roller skaters prefer that the toe stop does not hit the ground so quickly, while others do. That is why roller skates with adjustable brakes are more popular. This is because they allow you to adjust the height and size of your toe stops to your own preference.


Plates are made of plastic or aluminium. Plastic is cheaper and lighter but flexible, giving you less feeling when skating. Aluminium is stiffer and therefore more efficient. These plates give more feedback to the skater, less feeling and energy is lost. Different types, shapes and systems of aluminium bases all provide a different experience.

Compose your own adult roller skates

At Sucker Punch Patin Shop, order roller skates for adults from top brands such as Riedell, Antik, Moxi, Sure-Grip, Bont, Chaya, Wifa, Atom, Luna, Impala, Rio, SFR and Bauer. With most brands, it is possible to put together your own roller skates. Then you choose all the separate parts of your preference. These are then put together to create the ideal roller skate for you.

Just know that this comes at a price. Separate parts are generally of better quality and therefore more expensive. Each part has specific properties and is better or less suitable for certain purposes. More importantly, everyone has his or her personal preference.

Step by step learning to roller-skate as an adult

Tips and tricks for adults starting out on roller skates

Has it been since in your rash youth that you've ever tightened your roller skates? Or are you even murdering your feet in quad skates for the very first time? These practical tips will get you started in no time and ensure that your first time goes smoothly.

  • If the shoe fits: as mentioned, roller skates should fit snugly around your foot, not too tight, but certainly not too loose. Fitting is the message.
  • Always wear protection: do not only buy roller skates for adults, but also the necessary protection for your knees, elbows and wrists. Also consider a helmet and long socks.
  • Provide company: choose a quiet environment, a flat surface and someone you can lean on. Roller skating is learned by trial and error, literally and figuratively.
  • Strike a pose: put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend slightly forward through your knees and ease off with your first foot. Voilà, you're rollerblading! Use fluid movements to glide across the asphalt.
  • Take a brake: roller skating is fun, being able to brake is even more fun. Place your toe stops on the ground to find out how fast or slow they make you stop.

Order roller skates for adults at Sucker Punch Skate Shop

With the tips and hints above, you'll be rollerblading in no time. Have questions about your choice, your order or your first laps? Contact Sucker Punch Skate Shop. With more than 10 years of experience, we are sure to find the answers to your questions. Or visit our physical shop in Ghent, the largest roller skate shop in Europe. You are welcome from Wednesday to Friday, from 12h to 18h, and on Saturday from 12h to 17h.




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