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CIB X Reckless Park Wheels

Reckless CIB Wheels are the very first wheel designed specifically for aggressive roller skating. This collaboration between Reckless Wheels and Chicks in Bowls resulted in three unique wheels perfect for park, ramp, and aggressive street skating.
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CIB X Reckless Park Wheels

With the CIB Skate Team seal of approval, now you can get the most out of each terrain - shred, slide, and grind to your heart's content.
Park wheels are the perfect balance of slip vs grip. The smoothest ride.


Chicks in Bowls

** Bearings for these wheels are not included. You can find those right here. **

Wheel height: 58 mm
Wheel width: 22 mm
Wheel hardness: 98A
Wheel Hub:
Colors: White with Black Print
Wheels use: Park Skating
Sold per: Pack of 4 wheels (to order a full set of wheels for both your skates, be sure to set your quantity to 2)
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0 stars based on 0 reviews