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Riedell R3 Derby

This is a great package for the beginning derby skater. You'll find comfort and performance in this popular skate. This version is an upgrade as it comes with Radar Pop wheels for grip and control, and a toe cap to protect your skates! Prêt à rouler!
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Riedell R3 Derby

The Riedell R3 is a perfect beginner/entry level skate: decent roller skates to get you through your first year(s) of roller derby. The complete package is a great setup, as this upgrade comes with Radar Pop wheels. Those provide more grip and control than the standard R3 wheels - you will love the Pop wheels while learning your plow stops, crossovers and laps. The toe cap that comes with the R3 Derby pack will protect the nose of your boots against abrasion.
The boot is vinyl, so vegan friendly! The inner padding makes these very comfortable to wear. The strap holds your feet nice in place. The plate is nylon and thus lightweight, making it easy for beginners to develop their skills and footwork.

* If you use the Riedell R3 for Roller Derby, it won't last you a lifetime, but most skaters will easily get their first 9-12 months of skating (sometimes longer!) out of them. Perfect to nail your Minimum Skills and learn the game. If you are going to use them for recreational roller skating, these will last you years to come.

Sucker Punch recommendation: You can easily upgrade your R3 skates with a limited budget. One way would be to upgrade the cushions of your plates, which give you responsiveness and help you nail those crossovers, cuts and slaloms. They are cheap to get and easy to install. 20 euro will get you better and longer lasting toe stops.
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Boot: Riedell R3 Black
Boot Material: Synthetic leather (Vegan friendly)
Plate: PowerDyne Thrust plate (Nylon)
Wheels: Radar Pop - different hardnesses available
Bearings: ABEC-5
Toe Stops: Midi Gripper
Sizes: US 4 to 14, full size only - check our sizing information page for more info
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