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RollerBones Team Logo

RollerBones Team Logo wheels were originally developed for rythm skating, but were quickly adopted by the skate park skaters. The quality urethane lasts long and provides the sublime hardness to hit the ramps.
RollerBones Team Logo

Recommended for:

  • Skate Park Skating
  • Rythm Skating

Not recommended for:

  • Outdoor skating
  • Roller Derby (on slick floors)




Wheel height: 57 mm or 62 mm
Wheel width: 30 mm
Wheel hardness: 101A
Wheel Hub: N/A
Wheels use: Park, Ramp and Rink skating
Colors: Black, White, Pink and Green
Sold per: Pack of 4 wheels (to order a full set of wheels for both your skates, be sure to set your quantity to 2)
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0 stars based on 0 reviews